Best Sous Vide Starter Kit – Complete Reviews with Comparisons

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With this cooking method becoming more popular each day, it has become difficult to find the best sous vide kit in an ever-growing market. Every manufacturer wants to put the best out there so people can buy their products.

We made a list of the best and most popular ones to make it a bit easier for the home cook. You may just find what you are looking for among these to enhance your sous vide cooking experience.

This list of best sous vide starter kits takes a look at what they have to offer for both the beginner and the expert. So let’s jump into what these kits feature.

Comparison Chart

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SOUSVIDE ART Precision Cooker Kit
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Sous Vide Cooker Kit All In One
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Special Edition Sous Vide Cooker Starter Kit From Garnease
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Sous Vide Cooker Kit, Mixhood 1000W
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HOMENOTE Sous Vide Container 12 Quart

Best Sous Vide Starter Kit Reviews

Sousvide Art Precision Cooker Kit

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You get a complete kit from Sousvide Art that will help you get started without delay or extra costs. The sous vide cooker is available in different configurations for those who want various choices when it comes to their cooking appliances.


This cooker comes with a very precise cooking control to make it much easier to cook the food at the desired temperature. This also means that your food will always come out how you want it to improve your overall cooking experience.

With limitless cooking capabilities, this cooker is ideal for a wide range of food types. This includes most types of meats and vegetables to widen the choice of meals you can prepare.

The complete kit includes everything you need to get started to save you a lot of time, effort, and money. The extra cooking bags included with this set can be re-used, so you won’t need to replace them any time soon.

A strong universal clamp allows for a secure attachment to the water container for better immersion and improved overall results. This sous vide cooker includes an easy-to-follow recipe book so you can start your cooking without delay.

With the clear LED display, you can easily watch the cooker at a glance. Selecting your desired settings is also very easy with the one-touch controls for quick and easy access to all the features.

Even though the controls on the device are easy to use, it might have been even better with a remote control included. Without the remote, you will have to do all the selections and settings on the panel of the cooker.  

You may find that this cooker will take quite some time to heat the water to the cooking temperatures for the best results. You don’t want to use a too-large container with a lot of water, which may take longer to get to the desired temperature.


  • This cooker is very easy to operate
  • It has a lightweight but durable construction
  • Controls are easily readable
  • This cooker is great for beginners


  • There is no remote control included
  • It takes a while to heat up to desired temperatures

All-In-One Sous Vide Cooker Deluxe Kit From Garnease

41NUQOYa0tL. SL500

There are kits available for both amateurs and professionals from this line of precision cookers. This complete kit comes loaded with a wide range of accessories included to make your life in the kitchen easier and more fun.


This deluxe version of the precision cooker from Garnease comes with many great extras, making it a complete kit. It includes cooking bags and everything else you need to get started, which means no time delay for your first cooking session.

With up to 1000 watts of power output, you will get quite high temperatures to cook even the toughest food. This also means that the device will quickly heat up to the desired temperatures to help save time when cooking.

To further improve your cooking experience, a strong and durable DC motor is attached to this cooker. This means that the heat is evenly distributed in the water to have a much better result every time you use this device.

The slim design makes it easy to use in many different containers. You can easily use this cooker in up to 24 liters of water due to the high power output and the powerful motor included.

An easy and large display provides you quick access to the progress of your cooking. The overall design and many extras make this cooker a great option for those who want to learn more about this cooking method.

The high price tag attached to this precision cooker from Garnease might cause cooks to try out a more affordable kit. This means that those who have a budget won’t be able to experience this well-designed sous vide cooker.

Looking at the great cooker you get included in this kit, you would expect everything else to be the same quality. But that is not the case with the vacuum sealer that seems a bit flimsy and of mediocre quality and might leave you stranded.


  • This cooker is well built
  • Heats up fast to the desired temperature
  • Many extras are included in this complete kit
  • Comes with a long warranty


  • It comes with a high price tag
  • The vacuum sealer included is not the best quality

Special Edition Sous Vide Cooker Starter Kit From Garnease

41FZ6zna8UL. SL500

As with all precision cookers provided by this manufacturer, you can expect only the best quality and craftsmanship. This lighter version sacrifices none of the great features, and great quality is included with the cooker.


Even though it will take some time to learn to use this precision cooker, it is a great way to introduce beginners to this method. The many extras included with this device will make it easy to get started and learn every aspect of this cooking style.

The strong circulator will help to distribute heat evenly through the water to give you better overall results with your cooking. This is one of the many reasons why beginners should try out this cooker, so they don’t get discouraged by failures.

A strong clamp helps to secure the device to any container and keep it attached all the time the food is cooking. The strong and durable design adds to the lifespan of the clip.

Every precision cooker from Garnease undergoes a three-point quality check to ensure you get only the best quality devices. To show you that they have confidence in their products, this cooker is backed with a long 24-month warranty.

Beginners and experts can’t go wrong with this cooker with the precision settings built into it for better results.

You don’t get a vacuum sealer included with this sous vide precision cooker starter kit, which is a bit of a bummer. This means you will have to buy one separately, which will add to the overall cost of the device.

Not all of us are tech-savvy and need something that will be easy to learn to use, especially when it comes to cooking appliances. Unfortunately, it will not be the case with this precision cooker which comes with a steep learning curve before you can get started.


  • Many great extras added
  • Many nice recipes included in the supplied cookbook
  • Good quality and great value for your money
  • A good choice for beginners and experts


  • There is no vacuum sealer included
  • Steep learning curve to learn to use it

Mixhood Sous Vide Cooker Kit

41MgWtzWcSL. SL500

Everything you need to get started is included with this sous vide cooker, except for the vacuum sealer, which you must buy separately. For those who don’t have a large budget, this is an affordable way to get started on your sous vide cooking journey.


Very easy-to-follow instructions are included with this sous vide cooker from Mixhood to make it easy for those who want to learn. It is also a great option for home cooks with some experience with this style to improve their cooking skills.

Cooking your food in the Mixhood device will help you have healthier food on your plate every time you cook this way. This also means that you will have properly cooked food with the higher precision you have with temperature control.

This precision cooker can do every type of cooking, as you are not limited to only a select few dishes. From the chocolatier to other exotic foods, cooks will benefit from using this sous vide cooker.

The very accurate temperature range will make it easy to get much better results. You have a wide range of settings to choose from on the timer, so you can set it and let the cooker do its job.

Use this device on a wide range of containers to get the most delicious food every time you use it. Easily select the desired settings for cooking with the large LED display.

The fact that this sous vide cooker is a bit loud may not be that much of an issue for some people. The problem here is that the loud operating noise may prevent you from hearing the timer going off, and you will miss it. 

Cleaning this cooker will be a bit difficult, especially with the clamp that can’t be removed for easy cleaning. This will be a problem for those who want everything clean in the best way possible, and it may cause health issues.


  • Stainless steel materials used to resist corrosion
  • Easy controlling of temperature settings
  • Great overall cooking results
  • It can be used for different types of food


  • It operates a bit on the loud side
  • Cleaning it is not an easy task

Complete Sous Vide Accessory Kit From Homenote

41Yjqkds5EL. SL500

This is a great way to complete your sous vide cooker kit with a perfect container for every type of cooking. Add this kit to your existing cooker set, and you have everything you need to cook professionally in the convenience of your home.


With just over 11 liters capacity, this is a reasonable size container to use for many different types of food. This means it will easily hold a few steaks or chicken breasts to make a meal for a medium-sized family in one session.

While the container is made from plastic, it will resist the heat of the water up to certain temperatures. This means you can safely cook your food for a long time without worrying that it will become damaged.

It is made with a lightweight construction but is reasonably durable to last for many hours of sous vide cooking. The fact that it is see-through makes it easy to keep an eye on your food, adding to the convenience factor.

A durable sous vide rack is added to make it easy to separate the different types of food and keep them off the bottom. The lid is made to fit perfectly on top of it and leave a space for the poker to be added to the assembly.

It is designed to be used with most sous vide cookers to make life a bit easier. 

The container is made from a normal type of plastic that seems soft and will not last very long. Working with heat might be a problem for this container, so you need to be careful where you put it and how you treat it.

Because the heat-resistant sleeve is made from neoprene, it gives off a bad smell, even after using it for some time. This may not be a problem for some, but others may find the smell off-putting and stop using it completely.


  • Specially designed lid for easy setup
  • Setting it up is quite easy
  • You will not have a problem keeping it clean
  • A convenient addition to your sous vide cooker


  • The container is made from plastic materials
  • You get quite a bad smell from the sleeve


The all-in-one Garnease Precision cooker kit is our first choice because of everything that is included to get your professional style cooking started. The more affordable but not lesser-quality Mixhood sous vide cooker kit with high-precision temperature control is our second choice in this lineup.

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