Best Sous Vide Cooker Under 100

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If you want to improve your cooking skills or need some variety, a sous vide cooker is a great way to go. This type of cooking has been done in the professional food industry for many years but is now available for everyone.

There is one problem, though; with so many to choose from, which appliance is the best for your kitchen needs? Find one in this easy list of some of the best precision cookers available to make it a bit easier for you.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the features, pros, and cons of these sous vide cookers that will help you in the kitchen.

Comparison Chart

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Inkbird Sous Vide Precision Cooker
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Yedi Infinity Sous Vide
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Instant Accu Slim Sous Vide 800W Precision Cooker
Fityou Sous Vide Cooker
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Crux Sous Vide Precision Cooker

Best Sous Vide Cooker Under 100 Reviews

Inkbird ISV – 100W Sous Vide Precision Cooker

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If you are looking for a sous vide cooker that gives you that professional feel and results, look no further than the ISV. It comes with more than just basic cooking features to make your kitchen life a bit easier and more fun.


With the high power you have with this cooker, you will be able to keep a lot of water at the perfect temperature. You can keep up to 20L of water at an even temperature at full output capacity while you cook your food.

The intelligent design of this cooker allows for very accurate temperature control to keep it at 0.1 degrees accuracy. With the additional calibration function added, you have a precise temperature range and calibration of -10 to 10 degrees.

The timer allows for a maximum time of up to 99 hours of cooking and provides temperatures of 77 to 210 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows for much better reliability from your cooker and peace of mind while cooking all types of food.

To keep you and your food safe, the cooker will indicate an alarm when the water level is too low. This also means that your food will always come out perfectly.

This precision cooker’s overall design and easy connectivity options make it the perfect option for the modern kitchen.

The fact that you don’t get any sous vide bags included when you buy this cooker is not great. This means that you need to buy them separately at an extra cost, which will add to the device’s total cost.

Also, the buttons on the display are quite sensitive and can easily be adjusted when you accidentally touch them. This means apart from keeping an eye on the cooker, you must stay aware of the settings to ensure you don’t accidentally change them.


  • Excellent connectivity options are available
  • Strong and durable clip to secure the unit
  • Very easy to use and set this device up
  • It has a fast cooking capability for added convenience


  • You don’t get any bags included
  • Control buttons are a bit too sensitive

Infinity Sous Vide Cooker Kit From Yedi Houseware

41menqIfbuL. SL500

For that authentic steak house quality and taste, this cooker will give the professional houses a go for their money and quality. Additionally, this device is incredibly easy to use, making your cooking time more fun.


At a temperature range of 77 to 203 degrees Fahrenheit, it will provide you with the exact temperature you need for cooking. It will also evenly distribute the heat to give you perfect heat flow for even cooking of all types of food.

This cooker’s specially designed octagonal shape provides you with much better heat distribution of the water in any container. This means that you will be able to have that professional steak house result all the time.

With an adjustable clamp built into this cooker, your device will always be securely attached to any container you use it with. This leaves you without worry that the device may come loose at some point or will not be perfectly immersed in the water.

You have a maximum power output of up 1000 W to ensure the water gets to the right temperature as quickly as possible. The quiet operating noise makes this a perfect cooking appliance.

This means that you can cook everything from beef to pork, chicken, and all types of vegetables at your convenience.

When it comes to using the controls of this cooker from Yedi, you might find it a bit difficult to use at first. The buttons are hard to push and will require time to get used to before you can accurately select the settings you need.

It also has a minor inconvenience in the short electric cord provided, as you will have to have an extension for it to make the cooking a bit more comfortable.


  • Large cooking capacity for cooking for larger families
  • Made with a strong and sturdy design
  • It is a complete kit for easy use and convenience
  • Comes with a long two-year warranty added for peace of mind


  • Controls are a bit difficult to use at first
  • The electric cord of this device is a bit on the short side

Accu Slim Sous Vide Precision Cooker From Instant Pot

21V36LIvvVL. SL500

With a lightweight design and very durable construction, this cooker from Instant Pot will last for many happy hours of cooking. You will find this the perfect piece of equipment in your kitchen to give you that feel and taste you only get at professional steak houses.


You can buy this slim sous vide cooker in various configurations to make it easier to use in the kitchen. You have an option of the cooker and a set of steak knives included to complete your chef toolbox.

The overall design of this device makes it easy to circulate the water evenly, so you don’t have uncooked spots. This provides you with evenly cooked food to give you the best quality and much better results to improve your cooking skills.

With an LED display and a digital touch screen, you can easily access all the features and readouts you need. It is also clear and large enough to see the temperature and other readings at a glance to save you time and effort.

The device has a waterproof feature to ensure it doesn’t get damaged when you use it in the water. With an overall durable design and construction, you can be sure this cooker will give you many hours of cooking without fail.

The lightweight and slim design make it easy to store when not in use. The maximum power output you get with this precision cooker from Instant Pot is only up to 800 W, which isn’t that high. That simply translates to a longer time for the device to heat up the water and cook all your food to be perfect.

Also, if the water starts to evaporate, you need to keep a close eye on it because the alarm to warn you is not loud. If you get busy with other food preparations that make noise, you might not hear the alarm over it.


  • Easy to set it up and operate right out the box
  • It is made with top-quality design that will last for years
  • The display is clear and easy to read
  • Many extras can be added from the supplier


  • It doesn’t have that high maximum power output
  • The alarm of this device is quite soft

FitYou 1100W Sous Vide Cooker

With many years of experience in the cooking appliances industry, you can expect only the best from the supplier of this device. It comes loaded with great features and functions to help improve your cooking skills while having fun and the best results.


The fully adjustable clip included with this cooker makes it easy to quickly attach it to any container you want to use. It is also made strong and durable, so it will not break any time soon.

Even though you may struggle to understand the manual, the display is easy enough as soon as you figure out how it works. This digital display is very easy to read and keeps you informed all the time during cooking.

With an up to 1100 w power output, you will be able to cook that meat at the perfect temperature to give you the best possible results. It also allows you to cook more than just one bag of food at a time for more efficiency.

You have a 360-degree heat circulation with this cooker for overall even cooking. The stainless steel pump ensures that the heat is evenly distributed to give you properly cooked food and provide that special steakhouse quality.

This strong, durable, and fast cooker from Fityou is a great choice for larger households.

For those without previous experience with this type of device, it will be a bit difficult to get used to it. The owner’s manual that comes with it doesn’t make it easy, so you need some time to get acquainted with the device.

You also don’t get anything extra with this cooker; you only get the cooker and anything else must be bought separately. There are no bags or any options to buy it included with bags.


  • This device is easy to clean and keep clean
  • It comes with a decent price tag attached
  • Very quiet operating noise while in use
  • Quickly heats up the water so you can get cooking in no time


  • The user’s manual is a bit unclear and difficult to use
  • You don’t get anything extra included

Sous Vide Precision Cooker From Crux

417dFrM+gBL. SL500

This professional-style sous vide cooker from Crux is one of the easiest ways to get the perfect results without too much effort. It will be ready to use whenever you need it, with no waiting time for the stovetop to heat up.


The clip to attach it to any container makes it an easy option to secure it in place when using it. It will also stay in place all the time to provide you with the perfect results.

Using it for cooking is very easy with a simple setting of the desired temperature and then press start to get it going. You only need to prepare the food, seal it in the bag, and set the device to cook the food until it is done.

With a program for cooking for up to 99 hours, you never need to worry about your food not getting cooked perfectly. You can also use this as a slow cooker if you need to cook the meat slowly for the perfect meal.

The top-quality materials used with this cooker will make it last for many years of perfect French-style cooking. This is a perfect space-saving cooking device that can be used by anyone with a little bit of practice.

It is a great option for both the beginner and the expert cook at home and in a professional setup.

Those who are aware of the aesthetics of their kitchen will be a bit disappointed that there are no other colors available. It also is not available in a larger configuration for those who want to cook for more than a medium size family in one go.

Because it doesn’t reach very high temperatures, this device might be a bit slow in heating the water and food. This is not great for those who don’t have the time for the cooker to get to the right temperature and need something faster.


  • It will keep on working for a long time
  • Great cooking results for meat and vegetables
  • It is a great choice for beginners
  • Very accurate cooking results


  • It is available in only one color and size
  • Not very high-temperature output available


As you can see, there are several great options you can choose from if you are looking for a sous vide cooker on a budget. If we can choose number one, it will be the ISV Precision cooker from Inkbird with its powerful cooking capability and easy connectivity. Close behind that is the very practical and useful complete precision cooker kit provided by Yedi Houseware with a very decent price point attached.

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