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Sous vide cooking requires a water container, so having one is a must if you want to cook with this method. Some chefs attach their immersion circulator to the edge of an existing cooking pot. While that is an option, it might not apply to all kitchens. 

That’s because your container needs to hold the water, the immersion circulator, and the vacuum-sealed food bags. In this scenario, you may need a larger container to carry out your sous vide cooking.

Therefore, your ideal sous vide container will vary in size depending on how much food you plan on cooking. The finest sous vide container for you may be your regular cooking pot if you feed only two to four people. On the other hand, if you have dinner parties often, you might want a bigger polycarbonate container.

To ensure you have an easy time while shopping, we have compiled the five best sous vide containers for your consideration. They are diverse to meet different needs, and you will hopefully find an ideal option.

Comparison Chart

Greater Goods Sous Vide Container
EVERIE Sous Vide Container with Universal Silicone Lid
31dWVkoNQdL. SL500
Restlrious Sous Vide Container 12 QT with Lid
41dNZ2WY7lL. SL500
Väeske Large Sous Vide Container with Lid and Insulating Sleeve
31NQ PRn9TL. SL500
LIPAVI Sous Vide Container Model C10 3.0 Gallon

Best Sous Vide Container

Greater Goods Sous Vide Container

The Greater Goods sous vide container has a neoprene sleeve, stainless steel rack, and cover. Consistent, steady circulation helps keep temperatures stable for longer. Lock the lid to keep water from evaporating, and put food in plastic bags in the compartments to keep it from floating.


The Greater Goods sous vide container will elevate your cuisine to a new level. It’s a sealed, rack-equipped sous vide container that will revolutionize your cooking. Evaporation and floating bags are the two biggest problems that keep people from making the perfect sous vide meal. Keep your water from evaporating by snapping on the lid, and stop your food from floating in plastic bags by placing them in the slots of the sous vide rack.

Longer temperature maintenance is achieved through regular, consistent circulation. The insulated sous vide container has a cover, stainless steel rack, and neoprene sleeve, making it the perfect vessel for your sous vide at a great value.

The neoprene sleeve is equally crucial in preparing the right meal for your guests and family. These sleeves allow the container to heat up more quickly, maintain its temperature for longer, and use less energy. As a result, it reduces the strain on your sous vide machine.

Use the Greater Goods plastic sous vide container to ensure your next sous vide meal comes out just right. The vacuum sealer, clips, sous vide magnets, and sous vide weights might be fantastic additions if you want to spice things up even more.

If you have any queries concerning your sous vide container, Greater Goods Store’s helpful staff in St. Louis will always be available to help. They’re committed to ensuring a positive encounter with their company from start to finish.

However, on the downside, it is not as durable as a metal pot or a dutch oven. Also, you should make a hole in the lid to use it with a sous vide cooker.


  • Its lid keeps water from evaporating
  • The cover, stainless steel rack, and neoprene sleeve make it a great vessel
  • Neoprene sleeves allow the container to heat up faster, maintain its temperature for longer, and use less energy
  • Compatible with add-ons like the vacuum sealer, clips, sous vide magnets, and sous vide weights
  • Greater Goods Store provides support in case of challenges


  • It is not durable compared to metal pots or dutch ovens
  • It is incompatible with a sous vide cooker until you make a hole in the lid

EVERIE Sous Vide Container

The Sous Vide Bundle comes with a 12-quart container, a universal silicone top, a stainless steel rack, and a neoprene sleeve. It is compatible with the Joule, Wanacle, Anova 800W, 900W, and 1000W models, the Anova Nano, and the Anova AN500-US00 sous vide cookers. However, only the water container and heating vessel are NSF-certified.


The slot on the corner of this 12-quart container can work with different brands and models of sous vide cookers. So, you can be sure it will fit your model without any problems. The way the cooker is set up in the corner ensures that the water in the vessel doesn’t get stuck. 

For risk-free sous vide cooking, the container is made of NSF-approved polycarbonate. However, the NSF recognizes neither the neoprene sleeve, the stainless steel rack, nor the lid. The collapsible silicone top makes it simple to add or remove water as well as other cooking ingredients. The set also features a stainless steel rack and a neoprene sleeve. 

The stainless steel rack keeps the water bath in place, ensuring that your food is heated evenly. A wobble-free rack has a special, strong clamp that holds the dividers to the rack’s base and keeps them from shaking. There are seven compartments for storing vacuum-sealed food bags; five are removable from the base and two are fixed in the holder. 

The insulation properties of neoprene make for a sleeve that reduces heat transfer and loss. For example, the black neoprene sleeve is detachable and provides insulation to minimize heat loss. Based on your preference, this container is also available without the sleeve or lid.

According to user reviews, the small container might limit its functionality. For example, you can only use it to prepare a meal for a few people. Some appreciate the quality of the lid, sleeve, and rack but find the container to be of lower quality.


  • Compatible with different brands and models of sous vide cookers
  • The container is made of NSF-approved polycarbonate
  • Its collapsible silicone top simplifies adding or removing water and other cooking ingredients
  • It features a stainless steel rack for storing vacuum-sealed food bags
  • The neoprene sleeve reduces heat loss


  • The container’s small size might limit its functionality
  • Some users deem the container to be of lower quality

Restlrious Sous Vide Container

31dWVkoNQdL. SL500

This container makes cooking easier because you don’t have to put the food on a separate rack before putting it on the built-in rack. Very little water evaporates when the lid is on, keeping the water at a consistent temperature. In terms of operation, it’s adaptable to a wide range of different sous vide cookers.


The convenience of not having to arrange the food on a separate rack before cooking results from the fixed rack on its lid. At the same time, the stainless steel rack’s high thermal conductivity allows it to heat up more rapidly than comparable options. The Restlrious Sous Vide Container saves time and reduces your workload.

The lid’s extra seal helps the insulating rubber sleeve keep in as much heat as possible. As a bonus, it prevents the surface from becoming damaged by scratches and nicks. By controlling the temperature and reusing the water, the process keeps as much of the natural flavor of the ingredients as possible.

Its lid and container are both composed of odorless, food-grade PC material. Due to its high heat resistance, it will make your cooking feel more like it came from a professional kitchen. The sturdy and leak-proof jar is a great tool to have on hand.

The 12-quart capacity is ideal for long-term cooking, such as overnight, without the need to constantly add water. The exterior is marked with a distinct scale, making it simple to determine how much water is contained within. It employs a lid to maintain a steady water temperature and minimize water loss.

It is compatible with various sous vide appliances. Operating it is as easy as filling the container with water, connecting the circulator, placing the sealed food bag under the rack, and closing the lid. The enlarged rack’s heat conduction surface will get things cooking quickly.

Apart from the fact that the rack is fixed to the lid, which some users might not prefer, there are no major concerns about this container. As discussed above, you should use and enjoy its many features.


  • It heats up more rapidly, thus saving time
  • The lid’s extra seal helps the insulating rubber sleeve retain heat
  • High heat resistance ensures the food is of top quality
  • Its capacity makes it ideal for long-term cooking
  • The exterior has a distinct scale that shows the water capacity
  • Its lid maintains a steady water temperature, thus reducing water loss
  • It is compatible with various sous vide appliances


  • Some users may be concerned about the rack being fixed to the lid

Väeske Large Sous Vide Container

41dNZ2WY7lL. SL500

This set includes a 26-quart storage container, an insulating sleeve, and a lid. It can hold 10 steaks or chicken breasts, or a whole brisket. Its neoprene sleeve acts as an insulator, preventing warm and cold air from escaping. Also, it features a polycarbonate storage jar with a 210°F temperature rating.


If you host a family event or want to have dinner parties for many people, you need the Väeske Container, which holds 26 quarts. Restaurant kitchens can also benefit from the container’s large size. For example, it can hold up to 10 steaks, chickens, racks of ribs, or a full brisket.

This container is ideal for meal prepping using sous vide cooking. You, therefore, need a large container like the Väeske model to store food for a week’s worth of meals. The huge capacity is on par with Anova’s, so it can effortlessly meet different requirements. It was created keeping in mind alternatives like the Nano, Joule, and Breville cookers, making it compatible with them.

Also, its insulating sleeve helps keep the water at a consistent temperature so that you can cook with more control. This container is made of polycarbonate, which doesn’t change shape or temperature even when heated. Unlike most plastics, it doesn’t easily sag or deform. That means the material is of an exceptionally high standard.

The full package includes the container, lid, racks, sous vide bags, and insulating sleeves. As a result, it costs more than other containers because it has a full set of sous vide accessories. Nonetheless, as one of the larger storage units, it is worthwhile. Also, its size doesn’t allow it to fit into smaller sous vide cookers.


  • Made using superior resources
  • It has a rack for a sous vide machine and sleeves
  • A large container, thus ideal for cooking large quantities of meals
  • Comes as a full set with everything you could require
  • It has a unique design
  • Efficient and simple to maintain


  • Cannot fit into smaller cookers, thus inconvenient for use by couples and single individuals
  • Expensive

Lipavi Sous Vide Container Model C10 3.0 Gallon (12 Quarts)

31NQ PRn9TL. SL500

The containers manufactured by Lipavi are often regarded as the best available. This brand pays close attention to every detail to ensure that people who are into sous vide cooking can get the best containers on the market. Lipavi goes to great lengths to make the most of sous vide in their meals; the C10 3.0-gallon model is no exception.


Lipavi strives to make different covers compatible with different stick circulators. They have custom covers for many models, like the Anova Precision, Anova One, Nomiku, and Sansaire. Others include ChefSteps Joule, PolyScience Creative, Wancle, Gourmia, and Instant Pot.

You can also use their site’s helpful search tool to zero in on the ideal sous vide system for your needs. It will recommend the container size and special lid based on certain factors. That includes the type of sous vide immersion circulator you have and the number of family members.

For example, you can use the 12-quart storage tub if your household has four people (LIPAVI C10). Use 18 quarts for four to six adults (LIPAVI C15), and order the 26-quart (LIPAVI L20) container for cooking large food quantities.

Lipavi produces a rack that is a perfect match for each container size. Racks may be valuable if you struggle to find the optimal position for the bags to achieve even cooking. A rack may serve if your luggage has a habit of dispersing itself. However, you have to buy them separately, thus making it the main disadvantage.


  • Simple to operate
  • It is compact
  • Resistant to high temperature
  • Their website is resourceful as it guides you to the ideal container


  • You’ll need to buy the racks and lids separately, which is an extra expense

Final Verdict

That concludes the list of the best sous vide containers with a detailed analysis of their features. Many containers are simple to operate, compact for easy storage, and capable of cooking good food. If you need a high-quantity container, the Väeske Container will serve that purpose well. 

This is the best and most useful information you could ever want or need about sous vide containers. Feel free to engage us using our communication channels if you need anything or have any queries.

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