Best Rated Sous Vide Cooker

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Sous vide cooking has grown in popularity and is now practiced in many homes. This cooking style involves placing the sous vide pouch in a pot of water and slowly cooking your food at a steady temperature. The device heats and circulates the water, ensuring even temperature distribution. Sous vide machines are also great for people who dislike using vegetable oils and fat to prepare food. Here are five best-rated sous vide cookers that are easy to use, offer excellent performance, and have value for money. 

Comparison Chart

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KitchenFun Sous Vide Cooker
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KitchenBoss Sous Vide Cooker
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Upesitom Sous Vide Cooker
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KitchenBoss Ultra-Quiet Sous Vide Cooker
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OOIIOR Sous Vide Cooker

Best Rated Sous Vide Cookers

1. KitchenFun Sous Vide Cooker 

41UNdNWQdfS. SL500

Most machines from KitchenFun are easy to operate, and so is their sous vide machine. It consists mainly of stainless steel and has a wattage of 1100 watts and a voltage of 120. The device comprises several features, such as the thermostatic control system and no noise benefit for efficiency. It also has a long lifespan. KitchenFun is known for its quality products that last long and spice up your kitchen.  


Healthy cooking is essential; this sous vide cooker is precise. It offers temperature ranges of 104°F – 194°F to allow you to retain the most nutrients and vitamins as opposed to any other cooking method. You could use it for cooking a wide variety of foods like pork, seafood, salad, egg, pasta, and beef, and it cooks them all to perfection. The thermostatic control system of 1100 watts and the thermal immersion circulator heat the water fast and to precise temperatures.

A powerful brushless DC motor and a high precision control chip accurately control the cooking water temperature. These two also monitor the water temperature and ensure that it remains the same in every section of the cooking water. 

Unlike other cooking products, you don’t have to worry about noise when working with the KitchenFun sous vide. It has a brushless DC motor of high quality and the propeller comes with a double-sided inclined at a 45-degree spiral. The sleeve constitutes stainless steel and has a diamond shape. In terms of operation, we can say it is pretty straightforward. Your job is to set the time and temperature, and you are ready. A bonus with the KitchenFun sous vide is that you can get an online cookbook available for download on the purchase page. One thing we thought would have been a great addition to this machine is Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity, but given its price, it is understandable.

When you purchase this sous vide, you are guaranteed extended use with it; it is waterproof and durable. The part of the KitchenFun sous vide immersion cooker that gets submerged in water constitutes durable stainless steel which is also vital. You can clean it underwater because it is also IPX7 certified waterproof.     


  • Easy to operate
  • Conveniently quiet
  • Provides accurate temperature
  • Cleaning it is easy
  • Durable and waterproof


  • No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capabilities

2. KitchenBoss Sous Vide Cooker

41rhdgOfTvL. SL500

KitchenBoss, the maker of this stainless-steel sous vide machine, is known for its specialization in technology and the production and sales of household appliances. Their affordable products are known to redefine kitchens, be of exceptional quality, and have design excellence to satisfy their consumers. That is why the KitchenBoss Sous Vide lives up to the expectations of many. It has a voltage of 120 AC, a wattage of 1100 watts, and weighs 3.3 pounds. 


One of the features you will love about this KitchenBoss product is its silence. It cooks in complete silence and you’ll barely notice anything is going on inside your pot. The spiral design comes with a diamond-shaped water inlet, preventing sound from spreading significantly. 

Cleaning it is relatively easy; it is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about water damaging it. The KitchenBoss sous vide cooker is IPX7 certified waterproof. 

In terms of heating, the 1100W power heats 6L of water in around 15 minutes, and this is much faster than other products that offer 850W, which takes about 30 minutes. When using, be keen as the temperature heats up so quickly that it is easy to go past your desired temperature. The temperature control unit is precise at 0.2°F / 0.1°C.

It can cook various foods such as steak, bacon, lobster, lamb chops, and eggs. You don’t need to have to worry that it will overcook. It works perfectly to retain the nutrients and vitamins to allow you to get the perfect taste of your food every time. It features a 16-liter per minute water flow design, increasing the cooking water’s internal circulation speed. The flow design also ensures stability in temperature such that it remains the same in every part. As a result, you will not run into issues like uneven food heating even if you put all your ingredients in the pot simultaneously.   


  • Pleasant and exact cooking temperatures
  • Easy to use
  • Heats water efficiently
  • Convenient flow design
  • Waterproof 


  • Fast heating speed might be irritating when you miss your target temperature.

3. Upesitom Sous Vide Cooker

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Upesitom Sous is a small company known for making kitchen appliances that improve the art of cooking. A great example of their kitchen appliance is the Upesitom Sous Vide Cooker. From the variety of cooking options to the waterproof feature, this product has a lot to offer when cooking. Here are fantastic features you can find in this kitchen appliance. 


This machine provides you with a variety of cooking options. For example, if you want to cook your beef, chicken, eggs, pork, or lamb, this appliance lets your food cook at low heat to retain the original taste of your meat. In addition, you don’t have to worry about your food overcooking as this machine has a timer that helps retain the most desired nutrients in your food. 

Moreover, this appliance is secure to use. It has a low water level protection function meaning it will alert you through the alarm feature if you have placed insufficient water in the device. 

You don’t have to worry about water sipping inside this machine’s wires or electrical parts. Thanks to its IPX7 waterproof feature, your appliance is free from getting damaged when water spills in your kitchen. 

Every person desires to cook their food with ease. This is what you get from this cooker. The LCD touchscreen makes it easy to set the cooking timer, know how long your food will take to cook, and set the temperature. This means you can easily select the time for each food you want. So, this cooker covers you whether you want to cook veggies or meat. 

On top of making cooking easy, this machine comes with a fixed clip to ensure you can attach it to your stock pot. Therefore, you can use the Upestitom sous vide to maintain a precise temperature for your food in a stock pot or container. 

This immerse cooker does have one flaw. Although the cooker has an indicator for maximum and minimum water level, it works better when the water is at the maximum level. If the water drops below that level, the machine becomes noisy and the sound gets louder as the water continues to decline. 


  • Variety of cooking options
  • Waterproof machine
  • User-friendly display
  • Easy to attach to a cooking pot


  • Noisy when water is below the maximum level

4. KitchenBoss Ultra-Quiet Sous Vide Cooker

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KitchenBoss is a company renowned for combining technology and thorough research to develop prime-rated products for maximized sales and production. A great example of such a product is the KitchenBoss Sous Vide Cooker. This product received the Red Dot Design trophy last year. The Red Dot mark is a sign of quality for excellent design. Here are features that have made this product achieve this mark. 


First, this kitchen appliance has an amazingly clear display that makes it easy to select when you want your food to cook. In addition, this clear display lets you see the amount of temperature your food is heating at and so you can increase or reduce the heat as desired. Thanks to the temperature control range from 40 to 90 degrees, you can get the perfect heat for your food. 

Moreover, the product comes with 20 customized recipes from famous restaurant chefs so that you can kickstart your professional cooking career in the comfort of your home. So, whether you want to know how to cook your steak, chops, or any other recipe, this sous vide cooker has you covered. 

Another good thing about this product is that you don’t have to stress about uneven heat in the cooker. The 20-liter per minute design ensures even water circulation in the pot for stable temperature in your stock pot. Therefore, with this machine, you’re assured that your food has cooked evenly.

The durability of this machine will surely impress. This kitchen appliance’s body is built of stainless steel, which does not fade with time, no matter the heat. Moreover, the 135-degree angle design in this machine reduces noise when cooking. 

Washing this product is easy. With its IPX7 waterproof certification, you can clean the entire cooker to remove the toughest stains without worrying about water getting into the machine’s cables. 

The downside is this machine’s low-quality turning knob for the cooking timer. Some customers have complained that if you want to set the cooking time for more extended periods, you will have to spin the knob for a long time before you reach the desired time. This is because it does not respond quickly. 


  • Clear ultra-display
  • 20 customized recipes
  • Even temperature distribution
  • Durable product


  • Low-quality control knob

5. OOIIOR Sous Vide Cooker

414oS7jhVuL. SL500

The OOIIOR Sous Vide Cooker is an appliance you should not miss in your kitchen. This is because the machine has many features that improve your cooking skills. This product will amaze you, from its temperature control to its waterproof qualities. Here are more features you will like about it. 


The first thing you will notice about this cooker is its LCD. Thanks to the touchscreen feature, you can control the time and temperature you want your food to cook. In addition, you can select from a wide range of temperatures to cook anything with this kitchen appliance. 

You will be blown away by how quietly this machine cooks your food. Thanks to the brushless motor that achieves full water circulation, you can efficiently cook your food without hearing the cooking action. 

In addition, this kitchen appliance has an IPX7 waterproof certification. This means you clean the machine without worrying about water sipping into the machine’s internal parts and causing damage. Moreover, an alarm feature notifies you if the water level is lower than the recommended one. This ensures there is enough water for cooking your food. 

Thermal control is an essential part of any cooker. This cooker has a thermostat control feature which is convenient when you want to cook food at low heat. The thermostat feature ensures you have various cooking options without compromising on food quality. As a result, your food will cook well without losing the desired nutrients.  

Using this machine is straightforward. You simply need to cover your food in the stock pot, clamp the sous vide to the pot, set the desired cooking duration and temperature, and wait for the magic to happen. There’s no need to watch or read any user manual to understand the workings of this machine. 

On the flip side, some customers have complained that their meat came out dry after using this cooker. It takes time to get used to using this machine for cooking meat. Getting the correct temperature, water, and time is critical.


  • Clear touchscreen display
  • Noise-free kitchen appliance
  • Thermostat control feature
  • Easy-to-use machine


  • Not great for cooking meat

Final Verdict

The KitchenFun sous vide cooker is our top pick. It is very easy to operate, offers high-temperature accuracy, and is highly durable. If you are looking for quiet sous vide machines, we recommend the KitchenFun, KitchenBoss, and OOIIOR models. Additionally, the KitchenBoss Ultra-Quiet Sous Vide Cooker comes with 20 recipes which can be a great addition for anyone getting started on sous vide cooking styles. 

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